Module Core


module Bigbuffer : sig .. end
module Bigstring : sig .. end
String type based on Bigarray, for use in I/O and C-bindings
module Bigstring_marshal : sig .. end
Utility functions for marshalling to and from bigstring
module Caml : sig .. end
module Check_std : sig .. end
module Command : sig .. end
Purely functional command line parsing.
module Core_condition : sig .. end
module Core_filename : sig .. end
Warning! this library assumes we are in a POSIX compliant OS.
module Core_list : sig .. end
module Core_mutex : sig .. end
module Core_sys : sig .. end
System interface.
module Core_thread : sig .. end
Lightweight threads.
module Core_unix : sig .. end
module Crc : sig .. end
Crc functions
module Daemon : sig .. end
This module provides support for daemonizing a process.
module Date : sig .. end
module Date0 : sig .. end
module Interval : sig .. end
Module for simple closed intervals over arbitrary types that are ordered correctly using polymorphic compare.
module Interval_intf : sig .. end
module Iobuf : sig .. end
A non-moving (in the GC sense) contiguous range of bytes, useful for I/O operations.
module Iobuf_debug : sig .. end
module Iobuf_intf : sig .. end
module Iobuf_tests : sig .. end
module Limiter : sig .. end
module Limiter_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Linux_ext : sig .. end
module Linux_ext_intf : sig .. end
module Lock_file : sig .. end
Mutual exclusion between processes using flock and lockf.
module Mutex0 : sig .. end
module Nano_mutex : sig .. end
A nano-mutex is a lightweight mutex that can be used only within a single OCaml runtime.
module Ofday : sig .. end
module Piecewise_linear : sig .. end
Piece-wise linear interpolation from float-like types to float.
module Piecewise_linear_intf : sig .. end
module Process_env : sig .. end
Utility functions for dealing with the environment.
module Schedule : sig .. end
module Schedule_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Signal : sig .. end
module Span : sig .. end
module Squeue : sig .. end
Thread-safe queue module, using locks.
module Stable : sig .. end
module Std : sig .. end
module Syscall_result : sig .. end
Representation of Unix system call results
module Syscall_result_intf : sig .. end
module Syslog : sig .. end
Send log messages via the Unix Syslog interface.
module Thread_safe_queue_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Time : sig .. end
module Time0 : sig .. end
module Time_internal : sig .. end
module Time_ns : sig .. end
An absolute point in time, more efficient and precise than the float-based Time, but representing a narrower range of times.
module Time_ns_benchmarks : sig .. end
module Time_stamp_counter : sig .. end
High-performance timing.
module Time_stamp_counter_benchmarks : sig .. end
module Timing_wheel_float : sig .. end
A timing wheel in which time is represented by Time.t, i.e.
module Timing_wheel_float_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Unix_error : sig .. end
module User_and_group : sig .. end
A pair of unix username and primary unix group.
module Uuid : sig .. end
Implements universally unique identifiers based on version 3 of the UUID specification.
module Version_util : sig .. end
This module gives access to the same version/build information returned by Command-based executables when called with the -version or -build-info flags by $0 version (-build-info | -version) or $0 (-build-info | -version). Here's how it works: we arrange for the build system to, at link time, include an object file that defines symbols that version_util.ml uses to get the strings that contain the information that this module provides.
module Weak_hashtbl : sig .. end
A hashtable that keeps a weak pointer to each key's data and uses a finalizer to detect when the data is no longer referenced (by any non-weak pointers).
module Zone : sig .. end