Module Version_util

This module gives access to the same version/build information returned by Command-based executables when called with the -version or -build-info flags by $0 version (-build-info | -version) or $0 (-build-info | -version). Here's how it works: we arrange for the build system to, at link time, include an object file that defines symbols that version_util.ml uses to get the strings that contain the information that this module provides. When building with OMake, our OMakeroot runs build_info.sh to generate *.build_info.c with the symbols and that is linked in.

Currently this module is not included in the public release.


val version : string
val version_list : string list
val arg_spec : (string * Core_kernel.Std.Arg.spec * string) list
module Application_specific_fields : sig .. end
Application_specific_fields is a single field in the build-info sexp that holds a Sexp.t String.Map.t, which can be chosen by the application to hold custom fields that it needs.
val build_info : string

various additional information about the circumstances of the build: who built it, when, on what machine, etc.

val build_info_as_sexp : Core_kernel.Std.Sexp.t
val username : string option
val hostname : string option
val kernel : string option
val time : Time.t option
val x_library_inlining : bool
val nodynlink : bool
val compiled_for_speed : bool
val compiled_with_dynlink : bool
val application_specific_fields : Application_specific_fields.t option
val ocaml_version : string
val executable_path : string

Relative to OMakeroot dir

val build_system : string

Relative to OMakeroot dir

val packing : bool