Index of types

_in_value [Fold_map.S2]
_in_value [Fold_map.S]
_out_value [Fold_map.S2]
_out_value [Fold_map.S]
_t [Fold_map.S2]
_t [Fold_map.S]

accum [Deprecated_command.Annotated_field]
any [Extended_hashtbl.Access_control]
any [Extended_array.Access_control]
attr [Console.Ansi]

bigint [Procfs]

c [Generic]
case [Documented_match_statement]
cmd [Shell]
color [Console.Ansi]
comparison [Search_foo]
completer [Readline]
create [Deprecated_command.Flag]
Template for flag-creation functions

data [Fold_map.Foldable]
The type of the folded in values.
default_t [Logger]

error_handler [Find.Options]
error_type [Linebuf]

f_type [Extended_linux.Statfs]
fac [Syslog]
fd_stat [Procfs.Process.Fd]
file_info [Find]
flag [Extended_linux.Splice]
Type of Splice event flag
flags [Extended_linux.Splice]
Type of Splice event flags

in_value [Fold_map.S]
The type of the values being fold over.
input [Readline__input_loop]

kind [Rw_mutex]
Preference kind of read/write mutexes

lazy_list [Lazy_list.Iterator]
lev [Syslog]
lnum [Linebuf]
logger [Loggers]
Type of logging functions

main [Service_command.T]
mallinfo [Malloc]
memo [Cache.S]
memo [Cache.Keep_all]
memo [Cache.Lru]
merged_array [Patience_diff]
message [Logger]

opt [Syslog]
opt [Malloc]
Malloc options
out_value [Fold_map.S2]
out_value [Fold_map.S]
The type of the accumulator

parse [Deprecated_fcommand]
poly_comparison [Search_foo]
pref [Rw_mutex]
Preference for readers, writers, or no preference

reader [Shell.Process]
renderer [Ascii_table]
repr [Number.Verified_std]
repr [Number.S]
result [Shell.Process]
result [Linebuf]
return_type [Atomic_edit]
the return value of atomic_edit

segment [Patience_diff]
selector [Selector.Selector]
seq [Lazy_sequence.Iterator]
setter [Deprecated_command.Flags_ext]
sh_cmd [Shell]
size [Logger]
slot [Service_command]
status [Shell.Process]
The termination status of a process.
statvfs [Extended_unix]

t [Uuid]
t [Update_queue]
t [Trie.Key.Part]
t [Trie.Key]
t [Trie.S.Part]
t [Trie.S.Key]
t [Trie.S]
t [Sys_utils.Cpu_use]
get returns a Cpu_use.t for the given pid or the current processes's pid, if none given.
t [String_zipper]
t [Shell__line_buffer]
t [Shell.Process]
t [Service_command]
t [Semaphore]
Type of semaphores
t [Selector.String_list_selector]
t [Selector.String_selector.Regexp]
t [Selector.String_selector]
t [Selector.Date_selector]
t [Sampler]
a compiled finite discrete probability distribution that supports constant time sampling
t [Rw_mutex]
Type of r/w mutexes
t [Readline__input_loop]
t [Readline__input_char]
t [Readline.History]
t [Random_selection]
a random sample of 'a values
t [Procfs.Mount]
t [Procfs.Net.Route]
t [Procfs.Net.Dev]
t [Procfs.Loadavg]
t corresponds to the values in /proc/loadavg.
t [Procfs.Meminfo]
t corresponds to the values in /proc/meminfo.
t [Procfs.Process.Fd]
t [Procfs.Process.Status]
t [Procfs.Process.Statm]
t [Procfs.Process.Stat]
t [Procfs.Process.Limits.Rlimit]
t [Procfs.Process.Limits]
t [Procfs.Process.Inode]
t [Procfs.Process]
t [Process.Command_result]
t [Process.Status]
t [Pp]
t [Posix_clock.Time_stamp_counter]
t [Posix_clock]
t [Patience_diff.Hunk]
t [Patience_diff.Range]
t [Patience_diff.Matching_block]
t [Or_exn]
t [Number.Spec]
t [Multi_map]
t [Logger]
t [List_zipper]
t [Linebuf]
The type of a line buffer.
t [Lazy_sequence.Iterator]
t [Lazy_sequence]
t [Lazy_m]
The lazy type
t [Lazy_list.Iterator]
t [Lazy_list.Of_container.T]
t [Lazy_list]
t [Iter]
t [Fold_map.Foldable2]
t [Fold_map.Foldable]
The type of the accumlator
t [Fold_map.S2]
t [Fold_map.S]
t [Find.Options]
t [Find]
t [Extra_fields.Make]
t [Extended_sexp.Make_explicit_sexp_option]
t [Extended_sexp.Records_table]
t [Extended_sexp.Diff]
t [Extended_result.Exn]
t [Extended_linux.Statfs]
t [Extended_int64.Filesize]
t [Extended_hashtbl.Access_control.Read_write]
t [Extended_hashtbl.Access_control.Read_only]
t [Extended_hashtbl.Access_control.Immutable]
t [Extended_fn.Abstract]
t [Extended_exn.Exn_string]
t [Extended_array.Access_control.Read_write]
t [Extended_array.Access_control.Read_only]
t [Extended_array.Access_control.Immutable]
t [Extended_array.Access_control]
t [Environment]
t [Documented_match_statement]
t [Deprecated_fcommand.Anons]
anonymous args specification
t [Deprecated_fcommand.Flag]
a flag specification
t [Deprecated_fcommand]
('main_in, 'main_out) t is a type of composable command-line specifications.
t [Deprecated_command.Flags_ext]
t [Deprecated_command.Annotated_field]
t [Deprecated_command.Autocomplete.Bash_action]
t [Deprecated_command.Autocomplete]
t [Deprecated_command.Shared_flags]
t [Deprecated_command.Flag.Action]
'accum-mutating action to perform when processing a flag
t [Deprecated_command.Flag]
type of flags to a command with accumulator type 'a
t [Deprecated_command]
t [Crit_bit]
t [Color_print.Style]
t [Color_print]
t [Cbuffer]
t [Cache.S]
A key value cache
t [Cache.Store]
A key value store.
t [Cache.Strategy]
t [Cache.Keep_all]
t [Cache.Lru]
t [Bitarray]
t [Bench.Result.Stat]
t [Bench.Result]
t [Bench.Test]
t [Ascii_table.Column]
t [Ascii_table.Display]
t [Ascii_table.Align]
t [Alternating_primary_backup_assignment]

uids [Extended_linux]

value [Selector.Selector]
value [Procfs.Process.Limits.Rlimit]

with_benchmark_flags [Bench]
with_init_args [Cache.S]
Used to specify the type of the Cache.S.create and Cache.S.memoize function.
with_init_args [Cache.Store]
with_init_args [Cache.Strategy]
This type is used to specify the signature of cps_create.
with_print_flags [Bench]
time_format (default auto): select the units to report run times in.
with_process_flags [Shell]
This type is an umbrella type for all the command that dispatch a process.
with_run_flags [Shell]
This is the list of flags for normal process dispatch.
with_run_flags [Deprecated_command]
with_ssh_flags [Shell]
with_test_flags [Shell]
This is the list of flags for dispatching processes in test mode.