Module Ascii_table

module Ascii_table: sig .. end
creates a column given the header and the to-string function

module Align: sig .. end
module Display: sig .. end
module Column: sig .. end
type ('row, 'rest) renderer = ?display:Display.t ->
?spacing:int ->
?limit_width_to:int ->
?header_attr:Console.Ansi.attr list ->
'row Column.t list -> 'row list -> 'rest
val output : ('a, oc:Core.Std.Out_channel.t -> unit) renderer
The idea is that you have a Column.t list and a list of rows, where each row contains the data for each column. So e.g. 'a could be a record type , where the first column pulls out col_1 and the second column pulls out col_2. *
val to_string_noattr : ('a, string) renderer
val to_string : ('a, string) renderer