Module Or_exn

module Or_exn: sig .. end
Specialization of the Result.t, but less contraint than Or_error. This is mostly useful if you plan on matching the exception and do something with it. With Or_error, you'll have to unpack the exception, and get to a different exn (Error of t)

type 'a t = ('a, Core.Std.Exn.t) Core.Std.Result.t 
include Monad.S
val try_with : f:('arg -> 'res) -> 'arg -> 'res t
Various use cases:
   Or_exn.try_with ~f x
   Or_exn.try_with () ~f:(fun () ->
   let f_or_exn = Or_exn.try_with ~f

val try_with_bind : f:('arg -> 'res t) -> 'arg -> 'res t
val failwith : string -> 'a t
module Infix: sig .. end
Consistent with Async.Or_exn