Module Procfs

module Procfs: sig .. end
Process and system stats

Process and system stats
type bigint = Core.Std.Big_int.big_int 
module Process: sig .. end
module Meminfo: sig .. end
module Loadavg: sig .. end
val get_all_procs : unit -> Process.t list
get_all_procs returns a list of all processes on the system
val with_pid_exn : Core.Std.Pid.t -> Process.t
with_pid_exn pid returns a single process that matches pid, or raises Not_found
val with_pid : Core.Std.Pid.t -> Process.t option
with_pid pid returns a single process that matches pid
val with_uid : int -> Process.t list
with_uid uid returns all processes owned by uid
val pgrep : (Process.t -> bool) -> Process.t list
pgrep f returns all processes for which f is true
val pkill : signal:Core.Std.Signal.t ->
(Process.t -> bool) ->
(Core.Std.Pid.t * (unit, Core.Std.Unix.error) Core.Std.Result.t) list
pkill ~signal f sends the signal to all processes for which f returns true. It returns the list of processes that were signaled, and the resulting errors if any.
val with_username_exn : string -> Process.t list
with_username_exn user calls with_uid after looking up the user's uid
val with_username : string -> Process.t list option
with_username user calls with_uid after looking up the user's uid
val jiffies_per_second_exn : unit -> float
jiffies_per_second_exn. A jiffy "is one tick of the system timer interrupt. It is not an absolute time interval unit, since its duration depends on the clock interrupt frequency of the particular hardware platform."

Further reading:

val jiffies_per_second : unit -> float option
val meminfo_exn : unit -> Meminfo.t
meminfo_exn queries /proc/meminfo and fills out Meminfo.t. All values in bytes.
val meminfo : unit -> Meminfo.t option
val loadavg_exn : unit -> Loadavg.t
loadavg_exn parses /proc/loadavg.
val loadavg : unit -> Loadavg.t option
module Net: sig .. end
module Mount: sig .. end
val mounts : unit -> Mount.t list
val mounts_of_fstab : unit -> Mount.t list
val supported_filesystems : unit -> string list
val uptime : unit -> Core.Std.Time.Span.t
val bigint_of_sexp : Sexplib.Sexp.t -> bigint
val sexp_of_bigint : bigint -> Sexplib.Sexp.t