Module Parsexp

include Parsexp__.Parsexp_intf.Parsexp
module Positions : sig ... end

Compact set of positions

module Cst : sig ... end

Concrete syntax tree of s-expressions

module Parse_error : sig ... end
exception Parse_error of Parse_error.t

Exception raised in case of a parsing error

module Single : Parser with type parsed_value = Base.Sexp.t
module Of_sexp_error : sig ... end
exception Of_sexp_error of Of_sexp_error.t

Exception raised in case of a conversion error

module Conv_error : sig ... end
module type Conv : Parsexp__.Parsexp_intf.Conv with module Parse_error := Parse_error with module Of_sexp_error := Of_sexp_error with module Conv_error := Conv_error
module Conv_single : Conv with type 'a single_or_many = 'a
module Conv_many : Conv with type 'a single_or_many = 'a Base.list
module Private : sig ... end