Module Bigstring.Hexdump

type nonrec t = t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Ppx_sexp_conv_lib.Sexp.t
val to_string_hum : ?⁠ -> ?⁠ -> ?⁠ -> t -> Core_kernel__.Import.string

to_string_hum renders t as a multi-line ASCII string in hexdump format. pos and len select a subrange of t to render. max_lines determines the maximum number of lines of hex dump to produce. If the full hex dump exceeds this number, lines in the middle are replaced by a single "..."; the beginning and end of the hex dump are left intact. In order to produce at least some readable hex dump, at least 3 lines are always produced.

val to_sequence : ?⁠ -> ?⁠ -> ?⁠ -> t -> Core_kernel__.Import.string Core_kernel.Sequence.t

to_sequence produces the lines of to_string_hum as a sequence of strings. This may be useful for incrementally rendering a large hex dump without producing the whole thing in memory. Optional arguments function as in to_string_hum.

module Pretty : sig ... end

[%sexp_of: Hexdump.Pretty.t] is the same as [%sexp_of: Hexdump.t], unless the underlying sequence of characters is entirely printable. In that case, it is rendered directly as a string. This allows e.g. test output to be much more compact in the common (printable) case while still being interpretable for any byte sequence.