Module Core_kernel.Hexdump

module type S = Hexdump_intf.S
module type S1 = Hexdump_intf.S1
module type S2 = Hexdump_intf.S2
val default_max_lines : Core_kernel__.Import.ref

Can be used to override the default ~lines argument for to_string_hum and to_sequence in S.

module Of_indexable : functor (T : Indexable) -> S with type t := T.t
module Of_indexable1 : functor (T : Indexable1) -> S1 with type 'a t := 'a T.t
module Of_indexable2 : functor (T : Indexable2) -> S2 with type ('a, 'b) t := ('a'b) T.t