Module Extended_array

module Extended_array: sig .. end
Extensions to Core.Core_array.

val foldi : init:'a -> 'b array -> f:(int -> 'a -> 'b -> 'a) -> 'a
val random_split : ?random_state:Core.Std.Random.State.t ->
'a array -> p:float -> 'a array * 'a array
makes a random split & subset of an array; p (the fraction that you want to split) is constrained to be 0, 1. Note that the length of the first array will be the closest integer to the fraction you desired, meaning that each element is NOT selected with probability exactly p.
val random_sub : ?random_state:Core.Std.Random.State.t -> 'a array -> p:float -> 'a array
module Access_control: sig .. end