Module Exception_check

module Exception_check: sig .. end
Code to test the effect of exceptions happening in strategic places in daemons.

In order to use this module one defines a list of (mnemonic, exception) pairs


("M.f: invalid arg", Invalid_argument "foo"); ("Z.f: sys error", Sys_error "bar"); ("R.z: failure", Failure "baz")

And one passes this list to create. Then one places calls to Exception_check.maybe_raise <name>, in important parts of one's code. When the code is run, it will listen on listen_port, and one can connect with netcat and type a name, which will cause that exception to be raised on the next call to Exception_check.maybe_raise.

val create : ?listen_port:int -> (string * exn) list -> unit
create should not be called more than once
val maybe_raise : string list -> unit
maybe_raise name if the exception associated with any name in name has been triggered, then raise it, otherwise do nothing. Only the first exception in the list will be raised. This function is thread safe.