Module Stdio

module In_channel : sig ... end

An input channel for doing blocking reads from input sources like files and sockets.

module Out_channel : sig ... end

An output channel for doing blocking writes to destinations like files and sockets.

val stdin : In_channel.t

Same as In_channel.stdin

val stdout : Out_channel.t

Same as Out_channel.stdout

val stderr : Out_channel.t

Same as Out_channel.stderr

val printf : ('aOut_channel.tBase.unit) Base.format -> 'a

Same as Out_channel.printf

val print_s : ?⁠mach:Base.unit -> Base.Sexp.t -> Base.unit

Same as Out_channel.print_s

val eprint_s : ?⁠mach:Base.unit -> Base.Sexp.t -> Base.unit

Same as Out_channel.eprint_s

val eprintf : ('aOut_channel.tBase.unit) Base.format -> 'a

Same as Out_channel.eprintf

val print_string : Base.string -> Base.unit

Same as Out_channel.print_string

val print_endline : Base.string -> Base.unit

Same as Out_channel.print_endline

val prerr_endline : Base.string -> Base.unit

Same as Out_channel.prerr_endline