Module Splittable_random.State

type t
val create : Base.Random.State.t -> t

Create a new t seeded from the given random state. This allows nondeterministic initialization, for example in the case that the input state was created using Random.State.make_self_init.

Constructors like create and of_int should be called once at the start of a randomized computation and the resulting state should be threaded through. Repeatedly creating splittable random states from seeds in the middle of computation can defeat the SPRNG's splittable properties.

val of_int : -> t

Create a new t that will return identical results to any other t created with that integer.

val perturb : t -> -> Base.unit

perturb t salt adds the entropy of salt to t.

val copy : t -> t

Create a copy of t that will return the same random samples as t.

val split : t -> t

split t produces a new state that behaves deterministically (i.e. only depending on the state of t), but pseudo-independently from t. This operation mutates t, i.e., t will return different values than if this hadn't been called.