Module Patience_diff.Range

type 'a t =
| Same of ('a * 'a) array
| Prev of 'a array
| Next of 'a array
| Replace of 'a array * 'a array
| Unified of 'a array
include Ppx_sexp_conv_lib.Sexpable.S1 with type 'a t := 'a t
type 'a t
val t_of_sexp : (Sexplib0.Sexp.t -> 'a) -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t -> 'a t
val sexp_of_t : ('a -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t) -> 'a t -> Sexplib0.Sexp.t
val all_same : 'a t list -> bool

all_same ranges returns true if all ranges are Same

val prev_only : 'a t list -> 'a t list

prev_only ranges drops all Next ranges and converts all Replace ranges to Prev ranges.

val next_only : 'a t list -> 'a t list

next_only ranges drops all Prev ranges and converts all Replace ranges to Next ranges.

val prev_size : 'a t -> int

Counts number of elements.

val next_size : 'a t -> int
module Stable : sig ... end