Module Bigstring_marshal

Utility functions for marshalling to and from bigstring.

In all functions below, pos is the index into the bigstring to read from or write to and an exception is raised if that index is invalid. The default is 0.


val marshal_blit : ?flags:Marshal.extern_flags list -> _ -> ?pos:int -> ?len:int -> Bigstring.t -> int

marshals value _ to the bigstring at most len bytes.

val marshal : ?flags:Marshal.extern_flags list -> _ -> Bigstring.t

marshals value _ to a new bigstring. This function may need two times more memory than marshal_blit.

val marshal_data_size : ?pos:int -> Bigstring.t -> int

the length of marshalled data in the bigstring

val unmarshal : ?pos:int -> Bigstring.t -> _

unmarshals a value from the bigstring and/or returns the index of the byte in the bigstring right after the unmarshalled value.

val unmarshal_next : ?pos:int -> Bigstring.t -> _ * int
val skip : ?pos:int -> Bigstring.t -> int