Module Async_extra


module Bus : sig .. end
An Async extension of Core_kernel.Bus.
module Command : sig .. end
Async.Command is Core.Command with additional Async functions.
module Cpu_usage : sig .. end
Simple cpu usage statistics.
module Dynamic_port_writer : sig .. end
For communicating a dynamically chosen TCP port from a child process to its parent.
module File_tail : sig .. end
module File_writer : sig .. end
File_writer is a thin wrapper around Writer with a couple of extra features:
module Import : sig .. end
module Limiter : sig .. end
module Limiter_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Lock_file : sig .. end
Async.Lock_file is a wrapper that provides Async equivalents for Core.Lock_file.
module Mvar : sig .. end
An Mvar is a mutable location that is either empty or contains a value.
module Mvar_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Persistent_connection : sig .. end
module Persistent_connection_intf : sig .. end
An actively maintained connection to some service that eagerly and repeatedly attempts to reconnect whenever the underlying connection is lost, until a new one can be established.
module Persistent_singleton : sig .. end
Implements a value that is either in a file, or in memory, but not both.
module Rpc : sig .. end
This module just re-exports lots of modules from Async_rpc_kernel and adds some Unix-specific wrappers in Connection (for using Reader, Writer, and Tcp). For documentation, see Rpc and Connection_intf in the Async_rpc_kernel library.
module Rpc_transport : sig .. end
module Rpc_transport_low_latency : sig .. end
This module implements a RPC transport optimized for low-latency.
module Schedule : sig .. end
module Schedule_unit_tests : sig .. end
module Sequencer_table : sig .. end
A table of sequencers indexed by key, so that at any moment for each key there is at most one job running.
module Std : sig .. end
module Tcp : sig .. end
module Tcp_file : sig .. end
Access to on-disk files in parallel with serving them over a TCP connection.
module Typed_tcp : sig .. end
module Typed_tcp_intf : sig .. end
module Udp : sig .. end
A grab-bag of performance-oriented, UDP-oriented network tools.
module Unpack_sequence : sig .. end
Unpack_sequence uses an Unpack_buffer.t to unpack a sequence of packed values coming from a string Pipe.Reader.t or a Reader.t.
module User_and_group : sig .. end
Wrapper around Core.Std.User_and_group with a deferred for_this_process / for_this_process_exn.
module Versioned_typed_tcp : sig .. end
module Versioned_typed_tcp_intf : sig .. end
module Weak_hashtbl : sig .. end
Like Core.Weak_hashtbl, but automatically collects keys with unused data, rather than requiring user code to call remove_keys_with_unused_data.