AsyncMonadic concurrency library
Async_extendedAdditional utilities for async
Async_extraMonadic concurrency library
Async_findDirectory traversal with Async
Async_inotifyAsync wrapper for inotify
Async_kernelMonadic concurrency library
Async_parallelDistributed computing library
Async_shellShell helpers for Async
Async_sslAn Async-pipe-based interface with OpenSSL.
Async_unixMonadic concurrency library
BignumCore-flavoured wrapper around zarith's arbitrary-precision rationals.
Bin_protA binary protocol generator
ComparelibPart of Jane Street’s Core library
CoreIndustrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
Core_benchBenchmarking library
Core_extendedExtra components that are not as closely vetted or as stable as Core
Core_kernelIndustrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
Custom_printfExtension for printf format strings
EnumerateQuotation expanders for enumerating finite types.
FaillibPart of Jane Street’s Core library
FieldslibSyntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
HerelibPart of Jane Street’s Core library
JengaBuild system
Ocaml_pluginAutomatically build and dynlink OCaml source files
Pa_benchSyntax extension for inline benchmarks
Pa_ounitSyntax extension for oUnit
Pa_testQuotation expander for assertions.
PatdiffFile Diff using the Patience Diff algorithm
Patience_diffDiff library using Bram Cohen's patience diff algorithm.
PipebangPart of Jane Street’s Core library
Re2OCaml bindings for RE2, Google's regular expression library
SexplibLibrary for serializing OCaml values to and from S-expressions
TextutilsText output utilities
Type_convLibrary for building type-driven syntax extensions
TypehashlibPart of Jane Street’s Core library
Typereptyperep is a library for runtime types.
VariantslibPart of Jane Street’s Core library