Module Int_set

module Int_set: sig .. end
An implementation of compressed integer sets using lists of integer ranges. Operations such as adding and membership are O(n) where n is the number of contigous ranges in the set. For data that is mostly serial, n should remain very small.

Note that when n gets very large, in addition to poor performance, this behavior may throw exceptions since some of the code is not tail-recursive.

type t 
val empty : t
val to_string : t -> string
val add_range : t -> int -> int -> t
add_range t i j add all the numbers between i and j (inclusive) to the set. Note that it doesn't matter which order i and j are specified in, the effect is the same.
val add : t -> int -> t
add t i add i to the set
val mem : t -> int -> bool
mem t i test whether i is a member of the set
val ranges : t -> (int * int) list
ranges t return a list of all ranges that make up the set
val max : t -> int option
max t the biggest number in the set (if it exists)
val min : t -> int option
min t the smallest number in the set (if it exists)