Module Sys_utils

module Sys_utils: sig .. end
Various system utility functions.

Various system utility functions.
val get_editor : unit -> string option
Get the default editor (program) for this user. This functions checks the EDITOR and VISUAL environment variables and then looks into a hard coded list of editors.
val get_editor_exn : unit -> string
val get_pager : unit -> string option
Analogous to get_editor, defaulting to a list including less and more.
val page_contents : ?pager:string ->
?pager_options:string list -> ?tmp_name:string -> string -> unit
page_contents ?pager ?tmp_name str will show str in a pager. The optional tmp_name parameter gives the temporary file prefix. The temporary file is removed after running.
val pid_alive : Core.Std.Pid.t -> bool
val get_groups : string -> string list
val with_tmp : pre:string -> suf:string -> (string -> 'a) -> 'a
with_tmp pre suf f creates a temp file, calls f with the file name, and removes the file afterwards.
val diff : ?options:string list -> string -> string -> string
diff s1 s2 returns diff (1) output of the two strings. Identical files returns the empty string. The default value of options is "-d -u", to provide shorter, unified diffs.
val ip_of_name : string -> string
ip_of_name hostname looks up the hostname and prints the IP in dotted-quad format.
val getbyname_ip : unit -> string
getbyname_ip () returns the IP of the current host by resolving the hostname.
val ifconfig_ips : unit -> Core.Std.String.Set.t
ifconfig_ips () returns IPs of all active interfaces on the host by parsing ifconfig output. Note that this will include, assuming lo is up.
val checked_edit : ?create:bool -> check:(string -> string option) -> string -> [ `Abort | `Ok ]
checked_edit ~check file

Edit a file in safe way, like vipw(8). Launches your default editor on file and uses check to check its content.
Returns `Ok or `Abort. If `Abort is returned the files was not modified (or created).

create : create the file if it doesn't exists. Default true
check : a function returning a text representing the error in the file.
module Sexp_checked_edit: 
functor (S : Core.Std.Sexpable) -> sig .. end
Edit files containing sexps.
module Cpu_use: sig .. end
A module for getting a process's CPU use.
module Lsb_release: sig .. end