Module Packed_array

module Packed_array: sig .. end
A packed array is a read-only array that has a fairly compact representation and will not be traversed by the GC. It's designed for cases where you might construct a very large array once and then read from it many times. Array access is reasonably efficient. Be warned, however, that construction can be excruciatingly slow and might even perform many intermediate allocations, depending on the type of array.

module type Basic = sig .. end
Basic is the minimal interface you need to provide to make a packed array for a new type.
module type S = sig .. end
S is the packed array interface.
module Make: 
functor (B : Basic) -> S with type elt := B.elt and type t := B.t
module Of_binable: 
functor (B : sig
include Binable.S
include Sexpable.S
end) -> S with type elt := B.t
The representation of a packed array type created using Of_binable is a Bin_prot buffer and a packed array of indices pointing to the beginning of each serialized element in the buffer.
module Tuple2: 
functor (A : Basic) ->
functor (B : Basic) -> sig .. end
the representation of a packed array of tuples is a tuple of packed arrays.
module Of_packed_array: 
functor (P : S) -> sig .. end
Of_packed_array(P) creates a packed array of packed arrays.
module Bool: S  with type elt := bool
These primitive packed arrays are represented by their respective Bigarray types.
module Char: S  with type elt := char
module Int: S  with type elt := int
module Int8_unsigned: S  with type elt := int
module Int8: S  with type elt := int
module Int16_unsigned: S  with type elt := int
module Int16: S  with type elt := int
module Int32: S  with type elt := int32
module Int64: S  with type elt := int64
module Float32: S  with type elt := float
module Float: S  with type elt := float
module String: S  with type elt := string