Module Net_utils

module Net_utils: sig .. end
Networking utilities
Author(s): Markus Mottl <>

exception Timeout
Exception raised if a connection attempt timed out
val h_name_of_sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr -> string
Get hostname from sockaddr
val string_of_sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr -> string
Get string from sockaddr
val h_name_or_string_of_sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr -> string
Get hostname or (on Not_found) inet string from sockaddr
val inet_addr_of_sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr -> Unix.inet_addr
Get inet_addr from sockaddr
val port_of_sockaddr : Unix.sockaddr -> int
Get port from sockaddr
val port_of_in_channel : Pervasives.in_channel -> int
Get port from a socket associated with an in_channel
val tcp_socket : unit -> Unix.file_descr
Create a standard TCP/IP-socket
val connect_tmout : Unix.file_descr -> Unix.sockaddr -> Core.Std.Unix.select_timeout -> bool
Connect a socket with a connect timeout
val open_fd_connection_tmout : con_timeout:Core.Std.Unix.select_timeout ->
rcv_timeout:float -> snd_timeout:float -> Unix.sockaddr -> Unix.file_descr
Create a socket with timeouts
val open_connection_tmout : con_timeout:Core.Std.Unix.select_timeout ->
rcv_timeout:float ->
snd_timeout:float ->
Unix.sockaddr -> Pervasives.in_channel * Pervasives.out_channel
Open a connection with timeouts
val set_in_channel_timeout : Pervasives.in_channel -> float -> unit
Set a timeout for a socket associated with an in_channel
val set_out_channel_timeout : Pervasives.out_channel -> float -> unit
Set a timeout for a socket associated with an out_channel