Module Loggers

module Loggers: sig .. end
High-level logging capabilities
Author(s): Markus Mottl <>

Interface specification of loggers

type 'a logger = ('a, unit, string, unit) Pervasives.format4 -> 'a 
Type of logging functions
module type LOGGER = sig .. end
Interface to loggers
module type SPEC = sig .. end
Specification for creating loggers
module MakeLogger: 
functor (Spec : SPEC) -> LOGGER
Functor for creating loggers

Logger implementations

module MakeChannel: 
functor (ChannelSpec : sig
val oc : Pervasives.out_channel
end) -> LOGGER
Functor for creating channel loggers
module Stderr: LOGGER 
Logs to stderr
module Syslog: LOGGER 
Logs to syslog daemon
module Ignore: LOGGER 
Ignores logging messages