Module Extended_sys

module Extended_sys: sig .. end
Utility functions concerning the OCaml-runtime

val ls : string -> string list
val file_kind : string -> Core.Std.Unix.file_kind
val home : unit -> string
Get the home of the effective user
val groups : unit -> string list
Get the names of the groups the user belongs to
val hostname : unit -> string
val last_accessed : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t option
last_accessed path returns the time path was last accessed. For files, the access time is updated whenever the file is read or executed. Note that some filesystems do not implement access time updates, or may allow mounting with access time updates disabled.
val last_accessed_exn : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t
val last_modified : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t option
last_modify path returns the time the file at path was last modified. For files, the modify time is updated whenever path is written to, or if its status attributes are updated.
val last_modified_exn : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t
val last_changed : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t option
last_changed path returns the time path last had its status changed. This is not the same as last modified, as the last status change will also be updated if path's ownership or permissions change.
val last_changed_exn : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Time.t
val file_size : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Int64.t option
val file_size_exn : ?follow_symlinks:bool -> string -> Core.Std.Int64.t
val scroll_lock : bool -> unit
scroll_lock false disables scroll locking.