Module Extended_float

module Extended_float: sig .. end
Extensions to Core.Float.

Extensions to Core.Float.
val pretty : ?on_negative:[ `Blow_up | `Normal | `Print_dir ] -> float -> string
pretty-print a float using no more than five characters, using abberviations k, m, g, t.

if on_negative is not set to `Normal then the resulting is never over four chars but upon negative number we either:

val to_string_hum : float -> string
val order_of_magnitude_difference : float -> float -> int
order_of_magnitude_difference a b by how many orders of magnitude do a and b differ? The return value is non-negative.


include Number.Verified_std
module type Fraction = sig .. end
module Fraction: Fraction  with type t = private Float.t
module Fraction_unsafe: Fraction  with type t = Float.t