Module Bigstring_marshal

module Bigstring_marshal: sig .. end
Utility functions for marshalling to and from bigstring
Author(s): Markus Mottl <>

include Core_kernel.Std.Bigstring_marshal
val marshal_to_fd : ?buf:Core_kernel.Std.Bigstring.t ->
?flags:Marshal.extern_flags list -> Unix.file_descr -> 'a -> unit
marshal_to_fd ?buf fd v marshals data v to file descriptor fd using marshalling buffer buf, and marshalling flags flags. Raises input errors as in Bigstring.really_write.
Raises Failure if buf cannot hold enough data for marshalling.
buf : default = determined dynamically
flags : default = []
val marshal_to_sock_no_sigpipe : (?buf:Core_kernel.Std.Bigstring.t ->
?flags:Marshal.extern_flags list -> Unix.file_descr -> 'a -> unit)
marshal_to_sock_no_sigpipe ?buf sock v same as Bigstring_marshal.marshal_to_fd, but writes to sockets only and uses Bigstring.really_send_no_sigpipe to avoid SIGPIPE on sockets.
val unmarshal_from_sock : ?buf:Core_kernel.Std.Bigstring.t -> Unix.file_descr -> 'a
unmarshal_from_sock ?buf sock unmarshals data from socket sock using unmarshalling buffer buf. Raises input errors as in Bigstring.really_recv.
Raises Failure if buf cannot hold enough data for unmarshalling.
buf : default = determined dynamically