Module Size

module Size: sig .. end
Compute size of values in the binary protocol.

type 'a sizer = 'a -> int 
type ('a, 'b) sizer1 = 'a sizer -> 'b sizer 
type ('a, 'b, 'c) sizer2 = 'a sizer -> ('b, 'c) sizer1 
type ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd) sizer3 = 'a sizer -> ('b, 'c, 'd) sizer2 
val bin_size_unit : unit sizer
val bin_size_bool : bool sizer
val bin_size_string : string sizer
val bin_size_char : char sizer
val bin_size_int : int sizer
val bin_size_float : float sizer
val bin_size_int32 : int32 sizer
val bin_size_int64 : int64 sizer
val bin_size_nativeint : nativeint sizer
val bin_size_nat0 : Nat0.t sizer
val bin_size_ref : ('a, 'a Pervasives.ref) sizer1
val bin_size_lazy_t : ('a, 'a lazy_t) sizer1
val bin_size_lazy : ('a, 'a lazy_t) sizer1
val bin_size_option : ('a, 'a option) sizer1
val bin_size_pair : ('a, 'b, 'a * 'b) sizer2
val bin_size_triple : ('a, 'b, 'c, 'a * 'b * 'c) sizer3
val bin_size_list : ('a, 'a list) sizer1
val bin_size_array : ('a, 'a array) sizer1
val bin_size_hashtbl : ('a, 'b, ('a, 'b) Hashtbl.t) sizer2
val bin_size_float32_vec : Common.vec32 sizer
val bin_size_float64_vec : Common.vec64 sizer
val bin_size_vec : Common.vec sizer
val bin_size_float32_mat : Common.mat32 sizer
val bin_size_float64_mat : Common.mat64 sizer
val bin_size_mat : Common.mat sizer
val bin_size_bigstring : Common.buf sizer
val bin_size_float_array : float array sizer
val bin_size_variant_tag : [>  ] sizer
val bin_size_int_8bit : int sizer
val bin_size_int_16bit : int sizer
val bin_size_int_32bit : int sizer
val bin_size_int_64bit : int sizer
val bin_size_int64_bits : int64 sizer
val bin_size_network16_int : int sizer
val bin_size_network32_int : int sizer
val bin_size_network32_int32 : int32 sizer
val bin_size_network64_int : int sizer
val bin_size_network64_int64 : int64 sizer
val bin_size_array_no_length : ('a, 'a array) sizer1