Module Common.ReadError

module ReadError: sig .. end

type t = 
| Neg_int8 (*Negative integer was positive or zero*)
| Int_code (*Unknown integer code while reading integer*)
| Int_overflow (*Overflow reading integer*)
| Nat0_code (*Unknown integer code while reading natural number*)
| Nat0_overflow (*Overflow reading natural number*)
| Int32_code (*Unknown integer code while reading 32bit integer*)
| Int64_code (*Unknown integer code while reading 64bit integer*)
| Nativeint_code (*Unknown integer code while reading native integer*)
| Unit_code (*Illegal unit value*)
| Bool_code (*Illegal boolean value*)
| Option_code (*Illegal option code*)
| String_too_long (*String too long*)
| Variant_tag (*Untagged integer encoding for variant tag*)
| Array_too_long (*Array too long*)
| Hashtbl_too_long (*Hashtable too long*)
| Sum_tag of string (*Illegal sum tag for given type*)
| Variant of string (*Illegal variant for given type*)
| Poly_rec_bound of string (*Attempt to read data bound through polymorphic record fields*)
| Variant_wrong_type of string (*Unexpected attempt to read variant with given non-variant type*)
| Silly_type of string (*Silly_type type_name indicates unhandled but silly case where a type of the sort type 'a type_name = 'a is used with a polymorphic variant as type parameter and included in another polymorphic variant type.*)
| Empty_type of string (*Attempt to read data that corresponds to an empty type.*)
val to_string : t -> string
to_string err
Returns string representation of read error err.