Module Weak_hashtbl

module Weak_hashtbl: sig .. end
A Weak_hashtbl.t is a hashtable that will drop a key and value if the value is no longer referenced (by any non-weak pointers). Weak_hashtbl is in Async rather than Core because it relies on finalization in its implementation. Using non-Async finalizers in an async program is wrong (see Async_gc.mli for details), and having Weak_hashtbl in Async prevents users from making this mistake. Unlike (OCaml's) Weak.Make, which also describes itself as a "weak hashtable," Weak_hashtbl gives a dictionary style structure. In fact, OCaml's Weak.Make may better be described as a weak set.

There's a tricky type of bug one can write with this module, e.g.:

      type t =
        { foo : string
        ; bar : float Incr.t

      let tbl = Weak_hashtbl.create ()
      let x1 =
        let t = Weak_hashtbl.find_or_add tbl key ~default:(fun () ->
          (... some function that computes a t...))

At this point, the value associated with key is unreachable (since all we did with it was project out field bar), so it may disappear from the table at any time.

type ('a, 'b) t 
val create : 'a Core.Std.Hashtbl.Hashable.t -> ('a, 'b) t
val find : ('a, 'b) t -> 'a -> 'b Core.Std.Heap_block.t option
val find_or_add : ('a, 'b) t ->
'a -> default:(unit -> 'b Core.Std.Heap_block.t) -> 'b Core.Std.Heap_block.t
val remove : ('a, 'b) t -> 'a -> unit
val replace : ('a, 'b) t -> key:'a -> data:'b Core.Std.Heap_block.t -> unit