Module Versioned_typed_tcp.S.Server

module Server: sig .. end

type t 
include Invariant.S
val create : ?logfun:Versioned_typed_tcp.S.logfun ->
?now:(unit -> Core.Std.Time.t) ->
?enforce_unique_remote_name:bool ->
?is_client_ip_authorized:(string -> bool) ->
?warn_when_free_connections_lte_pct:float ->
?max_clients:int ->
listen_port:int ->
My_name.t -> t Import.Deferred.t
create a new server, and start listening
val port : t -> int
get the port that the server is listening on
val close : t -> Remote_name.t -> unit
close t client close connection to client if it exists. This does not prevent the same client from connecting again later.
val listen : t ->
(Remote_name.t, Recv.t) Versioned_typed_tcp.Server_msg.t Import.Stream.t
listen t listen to the stream of messages and errors coming from clients
val listen_ignore_errors : ?stop:unit Import.Deferred.t ->
t -> Recv.t Import.Stream.t
listen_ignore_errors t like listen, but omit error conditions and metadata. When listen_ignore_errors is called it installs a filter on the stream that never goes away (unless t is destroyed, or you provide a stop).
val send : t ->
Remote_name.t ->
Send.t -> [ `Dropped | `Sent of Core.Std.Time.t ] Import.Deferred.t
send t client msg send msg to client.
Returns a deferred that will become determined when the message has been sent. In the case of an error, the message will be dropped, and the deferred will be filled with `Dropped (meaning the message was never handed to the OS), otherwise it will be filled with with `Sent tm where tm is the time (according to that the message was handed to the operating system. It is possible that the deferred will never become determined, for example in the case that the other side hangs, but does not drop the connection.
val send_ignore_errors : t -> Remote_name.t -> Send.t -> unit
send_ignore_errors t client msg Just like send, but does not report results. Your message will probably be sent successfully sometime after you call this function. If you receive a Disconnect error on the listen channel in close time proximity to making this call then your message was likely dropped.
val send_to_all : t ->
Send.t -> [ `Dropped | `Partial_success | `Sent ] Import.Deferred.t
send_to_all t msg send the same message to all connected clients.
val send_to_all_ignore_errors : t -> Send.t -> unit
send_to_all_ignore_errors t msg Just like send_to_all but with no error reporting.
val send_to_some : t ->
Send.t ->
Remote_name.t list ->
[ `Dropped | `Partial_success | `Sent ] Import.Deferred.t
send_to_some t msg names send the same message to multiple connected clients.
val send_to_some_ignore_errors : t -> Send.t -> Remote_name.t list -> unit
send_to_some_ignore_errors t msg Just like send_to_some but with no error reporting.
val client_send_version : t ->
Remote_name.t -> Versioned_typed_tcp.Version.t option
val flushed : t ->
cutoff:unit Import.Deferred.t ->
([ `Flushed of Remote_name.t list ] * [ `Not_flushed of Remote_name.t list ])
val shutdown : t -> unit Import.Deferred.t