Module Config

module Config: sig .. end
Settings that globally affect the behavior of async.

These can be set by setting an environment variable, ASYNC_CONFIG, to a sexp representation of the config. Also, setting ASYNC_CONFIG to an invalid sexp (e.g. the empty string), will cause your program to print to stderr a usage message describing how to configure ASYNC_CONFIG, and exit nonzero. For example, the following shell command should print the usage message:

      ASYNC_CONFIG= foo.exe

type t 
val t : t
val environment_variable : string
module Print_debug_messages_for: sig .. end
module File_descr_watcher: sig .. end
val alarm_precision : Core.Std.Time.Span.t
val check_invariants : bool
val detect_invalid_access_from_thread : bool
val epoll_max_ready_events : int
val file_descr_watcher : File_descr_watcher.t
val max_num_open_file_descrs : int
val max_num_threads : int
val record_backtraces : bool
val timing_wheel_level_bits : Import.Timing_wheel.Level_bits.t
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib.Sexp.t