Module Unsafe_read_c

module Unsafe_read_c: sig .. end
Reading values from the binary protocol using unsafe C.

exception Error of Common.ReadError.t
val raise_variant_wrong_type : string -> 'a
raise_variant_wrong_type type_name
Raises Error (Common.ReadError.VariantWrongType type_name).
type 'a reader = Unsafe_common.sptr_ptr -> Unsafe_common.eptr -> 'a 
Type of unsafe reader functions for the binary protocol. They take a pointer to a source pointer to start reading and an end pointer designating the end of the buffer, and return the unmarshalled value. The pointer to the next buffer position after reading in the value will be stored in the pointer to the source pointer.
type ('a, 'b) reader1 = 'a reader -> 'b reader 
type ('a, 'b, 'c) reader2 = 'a reader -> ('b, 'c) reader1 
type ('a, 'b, 'c, 'd) reader3 = 'a reader -> ('b, 'c, 'd) reader2 
val bin_read_unit : unit reader
val bin_read_bool : bool reader
val bin_read_string : string reader
val bin_read_char : char reader
val bin_read_int : int reader
val bin_read_float : float reader
val bin_read_int32 : int32 reader
val bin_read_int64 : int64 reader
val bin_read_nativeint : nativeint reader
val bin_read_nat0 : Nat0.t reader
val bin_read_ref : ('a, 'a Pervasives.ref) reader1
val bin_read_lazy : ('a, 'a lazy_t) reader1
val bin_read_option : ('a, 'a option) reader1
val bin_read_pair : ('a, 'b, 'a * 'b) reader2
val bin_read_triple : ('a, 'b, 'c, 'a * 'b * 'c) reader3
val bin_read_list : ('a, 'a list) reader1
val bin_read_array : ('a, 'a array) reader1
val bin_read_hashtbl : ('a, 'b, ('a, 'b) Hashtbl.t) reader2
val bin_read_float32_vec : Common.vec32 reader
val bin_read_float64_vec : Common.vec64 reader
val bin_read_vec : Common.vec reader
val bin_read_float32_mat : Common.mat32 reader
val bin_read_float64_mat : Common.mat64 reader
val bin_read_mat : Common.mat reader
val bin_read_bigstring : Common.buf reader
val bin_read_float_array : float array reader
val bin_read_variant_int : int reader
val bin_read_variant_tag : [>  ] reader
val bin_read_raw_string : (string -> pos:int -> len:int -> unit) reader
val bin_read_int_8bit : int reader
val bin_read_int_16bit : int reader
val bin_read_int_32bit : int reader
val bin_read_int_64bit : int reader
val bin_read_int64_bits : int64 reader
val bin_read_network16_int : int reader
val bin_read_network32_int : int reader
val bin_read_network32_int32 : int32 reader
val bin_read_network64_int : int reader
val bin_read_network64_int64 : int64 reader