Module Throttle

module Throttle: Throttle

type t 
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib.Sexp.t
val invariant : t -> unit
val create : continue_on_error:bool -> max_concurrent_jobs:int -> t
create ~continue_on_error ~max_concurrent_jobs returns a throttle that will runs up to max_concurrent_jobs concurrently.

If some job raises an exception, then the throttle will stop, unless continue_on_error is true.

type 'a outcome = [ `Aborted | `Ok of 'a | `Raised of exn ] 
module Job: sig .. end
val enqueue_job : t -> 'a Job.t -> unit
val enqueue' : t -> (unit -> 'a Deferred.t) -> 'a outcome Deferred.t
enqueue t ~monitor job schedules job to be run as soon as possible. Jobs are guaranteed to be started in the order they are enqueued.

enqueue raises an exception if the throttle is dead.

val enqueue : t -> (unit -> 'a Deferred.t) -> 'a Deferred.t
val prior_jobs_done : t -> unit Deferred.t
module Sequencer: sig .. end
A sequencer is a throttle that is: