Module Core_kernel.Core_kernel_private

To be used in implementing Core, but not by end users.

module Digit_string_helpers = Core_kernel__.Digit_string_helpers
module Time_zone = Core_kernel__.Zone
module Ofday_helpers = Core_kernel__.Ofday_helpers
module Span_float = Core_kernel__.Span_float
module Bigbuffer_internal = Core_kernel__.Bigbuffer_internal
module Stable_internal = Core_kernel__.Stable_internal
module Std_internal = Core_kernel__.Std_internal
module Std_kernel = Core_kernel__.Std_kernel

Std_kernel defines modules exposed by Core_kernel that are not overridden by Core. It is used in to re-export these modules.

module Time_ns_alternate_sexp = Core_kernel__.Time_ns_alternate_sexp