The parsing library.

Modules :

Ast_helperHelpers to produce Parsetree fragments
Ast_invariantsCheck AST invariants
Ast_iteratoriterator allows to implement AST inspection using open recursion. A typical mapper would be based on default_iterator, a trivial iterator, and will fall back on it for handling the syntax it does not modify.
Ast_mapperThe interface of a -ppx rewriter
AsttypesAuxiliary AST types used by parsetree and typedtree.
Attr_helperHelpers for attributes
DependModule dependencies.
DocstringsDocumentation comments
LocationSource code locations (ranges of positions), used in parsetree.
LongidentLong identifiers, used in parsetree.
ParseEntry points in the parser
ParsetreeAbstract syntax tree produced by parsing
SyntaxerrAuxiliary type for reporting syntax errors