type no_seek
no_seek and seek are defined and used in a similar manner to read_only and read_write.
val sexp_of_no_seek : no_seek -> Sexplib.Sexp.t
type seek = private no_seek
like read_only
val sexp_of_seek : seek -> Sexplib.Sexp.t
like read_write
module type Accessors = sig .. end
A collection of iobuf access functions. This abstracts over Iobuf.Consume, Iobuf.Fill, Iobuf.Peek, and Iobuf.Poke.
type ('a, 'd, 'w) t
('d, 'w) Iobuf.t accessor function manipulating 'a, either writing it to the iobuf or reading it from the iobuf.
type 'a bin_prot
val char : (char, 'd, 'w) t
val int8 : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int16_be : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int16_le : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int32_be : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int32_le : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val uint8 : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val uint16_be : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val uint16_le : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val uint32_be : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val uint32_le : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int64_be : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int64_le : (int, 'd, 'w) t
val int64_t_be : (Int64.t, 'd, 'w) t
val int64_t_le : (Int64.t, 'd, 'w) t
val padded_fixed_string : padding:char -> len:int -> (string, 'd, 'w) t
val string : ?str_pos:int -> ?len:int -> (string, 'd, 'w) t
val bigstring : ?str_pos:int -> ?len:int -> (Bigstring.t, 'd, 'w) t
val bin_prot : 'a bin_prot -> ('a, 'd, 'w) t
module type Bound = sig .. end
An iobuf window bound, either upper or lower. You can't see its int value, but you can save and restore it.
type ('d, 'w) iobuf
type t
val window : ('a, 'b) iobuf -> t
val limit : ('a, 'b) iobuf -> t
val restore : t -> ('a, seek) iobuf -> unit
val sexp_of_t : t -> Sexplib.Sexp.t
type ('src, 'dst) consuming_blit = src:'src -> dst:'dst -> dst_pos:int -> len:int -> unit
type ('src, 'dst) consuming_blito = src:'src -> ?src_len:int -> dst:'dst -> ?dst_pos:int -> unit -> unit
module type Consuming_blit = sig .. end
type src
type dst
val blito : (src, dst) consuming_blito
val blit : (src, dst) consuming_blit
val unsafe_blit : (src, dst) consuming_blit
val subo : ?len:int -> src -> dst
subo defaults to using Iobuf.length src
val sub : src -> len:int -> dst
module Unix : Core_unix