Module Base.Monad

A monad is an abstraction of the concept of sequencing of computations. A value of type 'a monad represents a computation that returns a value of type 'a.

module type S = Base__.Monad_intf.S
module type S2 = Base__.Monad_intf.S2
module type S3 = Base__.Monad_intf.S3
module Make : functor (X : Basic) -> S with type t := a X.t
module Make2 : functor (X : Basic2) -> S2 with type (a, e) t := (a, e) X.t
module Make3 : functor (X : Basic3) -> S3 with type (a, d, e) t := (a, d, e) X.t
module Make_indexed : functor (X : Basic_indexed) -> S_indexed with type (a, d, e) t := (a, d, e) X.t
module Ident : S with type 'a t = 'a