Module Persistent_rpc_client

An actively maintained rpc connection that eagerly and repeatedly attempts to reconnect whenever the connection is lost, until a new connection is established.


module type S = sig .. end
include S with type conn = Rpc.Connection.t and type address = Core.Std.Host_and_port.t
val create : server_name:string -> ?log:Import.Log.t -> ?on_event:(Event.t -> unit) -> ?via_local_interface:Import.Unix.Inet_addr.t -> ?implementations:_ Rpc.Connection.Client_implementations.t -> ?max_message_size:int -> ?make_transport:Rpc.Connection.transport_maker -> ?handshake_timeout:Core.Std.Time.Span.t -> ?heartbeat_config:Rpc.Connection.Heartbeat_config.t -> (unit -> Core.Std.Host_and_port.t Core.Std.Or_error.t Import.Deferred.t) -> t

create is like the create from S, but slightly more convenient for constructing unembellished rpc connections.

module type T = sig .. end
module Make (Conn : T) : S with type conn = Conn.t and type address = Conn.Address.t