Module Validated_intf

For making an abstract version of a type that ensures a validation check has passed.

Suppose one wants to have a type of positive integers:

      module Positive_int = Validated.Make (struct
          type t = int
          let here = [%here]
          let validate = Int.validate_positive

With this, one is certain that any value of type Positive_int.t has passed Int.validate_positive.

One can call Positive_int.create_exn n to create a new positive int from an n, which will of course raise if n <= 0. One can call Positive_int.raw positive_int to get the int from a Positive_int.t.


module type Raw = sig .. end
module type Raw_binable = sig .. end
module type Validated = sig .. end
module type Validated_binable = sig .. end
module type S = sig .. end