Module Univ_map

Universal/heterogeneous maps.

These maps are useful for storing values of arbitrary type in a single map. In order to recover a value, it must be looked up with exactly the Key.t it was stored in. In other words, given different Key.t's from the same string, one will not be able to recover the key stored in the other one.

This is similar to Univ in spirit.


include module type of Univ_map_intf
module Key = Type_equal.Id
module type S = sig .. end
module type S1 = sig .. end
include S with type 'a data = 'a
module Make (Data : sig .. end) : S with type 'a data = 'a Data.t
module Make1 (Data : sig .. end) : S1 with type ('s, 'a) data = ('s, 'a) Data.t
module With_default : sig .. end
keys with associated default values, so that find is no longer partial
module With_fold : sig .. end
keys that map to an accumulator value with an associated fold operation
module Multi : sig .. end
list-accumulating keys with a default value of the empty list