Module type Quickcheck_config


val default_seed : seed

default_seed is used initialize the pseudo-random generator that chooses random values from generators, in each test that is not provided its own seed.

val default_trial_count : int

default_trial_count determines the number of trials per test, except in tests that explicitly override it.

val default_trial_count_for_test_no_duplicates : [
| `Constant of int
| `Scale_of_default_trial_count of float

default_trial_count_for_test_no_duplicates determines the number of trials when running test_no_duplicates without ~trials, either as a constant or as a factor of default_trial_count.

val default_attempts_per_trial : float

default_attempts_per_trial determines the maximum number of attempts to generate inputs for trials, as a multiplier for the number of trials, except in tests that explicitly override it.

val default_probability_threshold_to_remember_choice : float

default_probability_threshold_to_remember_choice determines the minimum probability, out of 1.0, at which Quickcheck.iter and derived functions will remember previous choices and avoid repeating them. Below this threshold, it is assumed that the space needed to record the choice outweighs the negligible chance of repeating it.

val default_shrink_attempts : shrink_attempts

default_shrink_attempts determines the number of attempts at shrinking when running test or iter with ~shrinker and without ~shrink_attempts