Module Info_intf

Info is a library for lazily constructing human-readable information as a string or sexp, with a primary use being error messages. Using Info is often preferable to sprintf or manually constructing strings because you don't have to eagerly construct the string --- you only need to pay when you actually want to display the info. which for many applications is rare. Using Info is also better than creating custom exceptions because you have more control over the format.

Info is intended to be constructed in the following style; for simple info, you write:

Info.of_string "Unable to find file"

Or for a more descriptive Info without attaching any content (but evaluating the result eagerly):

Info.createf "Process %s exited with code %d" process exit_code

For info where you want to attach some content, you would write:

Info.create "Unable to find file" filename <:sexp_of< string >>

Or even,

    Info.create "price too big" (price, [`Max max_price])
      (<:sexp_of< float * [`Max of float] >>)

Note that an Info.t can be created from any arbritrary sexp with Info.t_of_sexp.


module type S = sig .. end