Module Applicative_intf

Applicatives model computations in which values computed by subcomputations cannot affect what subsequent computations will take place. Relative to monads, this restriction takes power away from the user of the interface and gives it to the implementation. In particular, because the structure of the entire computation is known, one can augment its definition with some description of that structure.

For more information, see:

      Applicative Programming with Effects.
      Conor McBride and Ross Paterson.
      Journal of Functional Programming 18:1 (2008), pages 1-13.


module type Basic = sig .. end
module type S = sig .. end
module type Args = sig .. end
argument lists and associated N-ary map and apply functions
module type Basic2 = sig .. end
module type S2 = sig .. end
module S_to_S2 (X : S) : S2 with type ('a, 'e) t = 'a X.t
This module serves mostly as a partial check that S2 and S are in sync, but actually calling it is occasionally useful.
module S2_to_S (X : S2) : S with type 'a t = ('a, unit) X.t
module type Args2 = sig .. end
module Args_to_Args2 (X : Args) : Args2 with type ('a, 'e) arg = 'a X.arg with type ('f, 'r, 'e) t = ('f, 'r) X.t