Module Bin_prot = Core_kernel.Core_bin_prot


include Bin_prot
module Binable : sig .. end
module Blob : sig .. end
module Common : sig .. end
Common definitions used by binary protocol converters
module Nat0 : sig .. end
Nat0: natural numbers (including zero)
module Read : sig .. end
Reading values from the binary protocol using (mostly) OCaml.
module Size : sig .. end
Compute size of values in the binary protocol.
module Std : sig .. end
This module defines default converters for the types defined in the OCaml standard library.
module Type_class : sig .. end
Sizers, writers, and readers in records
module Utils : sig .. end
Utility functions for user convenience
module Write : sig .. end
Writing values to the binary protocol using (mostly) OCaml.
module Writer : sig .. end