Module Clock


type t

All these functions can raise Unix_error.

val get : (Thread.t -> t) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t

returns the CPU-clock associated with the thread

val get_time : (t -> Span.t) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t
val set_time : (t -> Span.t -> unit) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t
val get_resolution : (t -> Span.t) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t
val get_process_clock : (unit -> t) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t

get_process_clock the clock measuring the CPU-time of a process.

val get_thread_clock : (unit -> t) Core_kernel.Std.Or_error.t

get_thread_clock the clock measuring the CPU-time of the current thread.