Module Blob


include Binable.S1 with type 'a t = 'a
type 'a t = 'a
val bin_size_t : ('a, 'a t) Size.sizer1
val bin_write_t : ('a, 'a t) Write.writer1
val bin_read_t : ('a, 'a t) Read.reader1
val __bin_read_t__ : ('a, int -> 'a t) Read.reader1
val bin_writer_t : ('a, 'a t) Type_class.S1.writer
val bin_reader_t : ('a, 'a t) Type_class.S1.reader
val bin_t : ('a, 'a t) Type_class.S1.t
module Opaque : Binable.S
An Opaque.t is an arbitrary piece of bin-prot.
module Ignored : sig .. end
An Ignored.t is an unusable value with special bin-prot converters.
val to_opaque : 'a t -> 'a Type_class.writer -> Opaque.t
val of_opaque_exn : Opaque.t -> 'a Type_class.reader -> 'a