Module Async_mutex

An async interface to the usual notion of mutex, in particular where lock returns a unit Deferred.t rather than blocking.

Mutexes are almost never needed in async, which is based on cooperative threading, and thus one can exercise control over interleaving simply by placement of Deferred.bind.

Rather than use a mutex, one common idiom is to use a Sequencer to guarantee one client at a time has access to a shared piece of state.


type t
val create : unit -> t
val lock : t -> unit Async.Std.Deferred.t

lock t returns a deferred that is fulfilled when the caller has acquired the mutex.

If the caller already holds the mutex, the deferred is never fulfilled. *

val try_lock : t -> [
| `Acquired
| `Not_acquired
val unlock : t -> unit
val resource : t -> (unit, Core.Std.Nothing.t) Resource.t