AsyncMonadic concurrency library
Async_extraMonadic concurrency library
Async_findDirectory traversal with Async
Async_inotifyAsync wrapper for inotify
Async_kernelMonadic concurrency library
Async_parallelDistributed computing library
Async_shellShell helpers for Async
Async_unixMonadic concurrency library
Bin_protA binary protocol generator
CoreIndustrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
Core_extendedExtra components that are not as closely vetted or as stable as Core
Core_kernelIndustrial strength alternative to OCaml's standard library
FieldslibSyntax extension to define first class values representing record fields, to get and set record fields, iterate and fold over all fields of a record and create new record values
Re2OCaml bindings for RE2, Google's regular expression library
SexplibLibrary for serializing OCaml values to and from S-expressions
TextutilsText output utilities
Type_convLibrary for building type-driven syntax extensions
Typereptyperep is a library for runtime types.
VariantslibPart of Jane Street’s Core library