Module Csv_writer

module Csv_writer: Csv_writer

val output_lines : ?quote:char ->
?sep:char -> Pervasives.out_channel -> string list list -> unit
Prints a valid csv file to a given channel (note that line are ended "\r\n")
val line_to_string : ?quote:char -> ?sep:char -> string list -> string
Convert one CSV line to a string.
val maybe_escape_field : ?quote:char -> ?sep:char -> string -> string
Escape the a CSV field if need be.
val escape_field : ?quote:char -> string -> string
Escape a CSV (even if doesn't have any characters that require escaping).


val quote_len : quote:char -> sep:char -> pos:int -> len:int -> string -> int option
Get the escaped length of one quoted field (without the quotes). Returns None if the field doesn't need to be escaped.
val quote_blit : quote:char ->
src:string -> dst:string -> src_pos:int -> dst_pos:int -> len:int -> int
Copy and escapes the content of a field over from one string to another. This does not put the quotes in.